Di West

Bronze sculptor Di West in her aritst studio

Born in Auckland, New Zealand and lived most of her life in Brisbane, Australia. Di and her husband have recently moved to live permanently in the Bay of Islands.

Di’s background is in Interior Design having won several awards in the past for her work in this field.  Drawn to Fine Art as a natural progression of her creative development, she began studying at the Brisbane Institute of Art, completing a Certificate of Fine Art in 2001, and then finishing a diploma in Fine Art in 2003.  She then decided to take her art education further and studied at the QUT, Kelvin Grove in Brisbane; graduating with a Master in Fine Art Degree in 2004.

As a naturally optimistic person and an incurable romantic, these aspects of Di’s personality find their way into all her creative endeavors.  Di takes inspiration from song lyrics, metaphors and phrases and enjoys the challenge of turning words into something visual with a narrative and poetic edge, either in a 2D painting or a 3D sculpture.

Di exhibits regularly and her work is held in major galleries, mainly in Australia. Her sculptures and paintings are held in corporate and private collections around the world, and she is fortunate to have won many awards for her work. Di is constantly seeking perfection in design and creation. As she is now surrounded by her beautiful homeland New Zealand, she expects this to influence her work greatly in the coming years.

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