John Lancashire


John Lancashire is a contemporary New Zealand painter living in Hawke’s Bay. Working in fine oils on canvas, Lancashire specializes in expressionist still life works imbued with character.

Images of cut flowers in vessels are rendered with loose, gestural brushstrokes in contrasting warm and cool colours; sensitively allowing us to bring an object together through a beguiling combination of colour and form, only for the object to dissolve again as we lean in for a closer look.

This playfulness and deliberate interplay with the viewer is evident not just in Lancashire’s technique but also in his subject matter.  The titling of his works provides insight that there is more to his paintings than a beautifully rendered bloom; there is an element of quiet amusement that the painter willingly shares with us.

Of his process, Lancashire states, “The imagery in my paintings stems from my response to things; ideas that I become slightly obsessed with. It could be a particular colour, a shape, a phrase; I store them somewhere. The mechanical act of painting, or making a mark, brings them out”.

Lancashire was born in England and as a child emigrated to Sydney. Now living in New Zealand, he  has gathered a strong following through his distinctive style and painterly approach to his chosen subject.  Lancashire has been a finalist in 2015 and 2019 Molly Morpeth Painting Awards.

Parnell Gallery has represented John Lancashire since 2020.