Jonathan Foley

Parnell Gallery Auckland Artwork for sale Manaia Jonathan Foley

Jonathan Foley is a contemporary New Zealand sculptor living in Kerikeri, Northland.

Working primarily in Italian Carrara marble and sub-fossil kauri, Foley is drawn to the rich history and significant history of the age-old media.

“Marble takes millions of years to form and swamp kauri takes over 30,000 years, so there’s wonderful synergy in the combination of these two ancient substances.”

Foley studied at The Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School in Sydney, where he also served as a board member for several years. “I work with most traditional mediums but several years ago began focusing on marble carving, participating in three intensive workshops with Carrara, Italy-based Master Carver; Alnassar. Since then Carrara marble has become my medium of choice.”

Carving with traditional tools, hammers, chisels and other hand-tools, Foley creates each sculpture over many hours and days, achieving luminescent and captivating forms.

Foley’s sculptures are held in private collections in New Zealand and internationally.

Jonathan Foley has been represented by Parnell Gallery since 2019.

Parnell Gallery Auckland Artwork for sale Manaia Jonathan Foley