Kate MacKenzie

Kate Mackenzie artist

Kate MacKenzie's surreal portraits amongst the landscape are inspired by Aotearoa, and changing paradigms in societal beliefs and mindsets. Her work often illustrates the journey towards environmental awareness with subtle reference to changing technology.

A New Zealand artist Kate lives and works in Hawkes Bay and has been painting since 1999. Her work is held in private collections throughout New Zealand and internationally.

She has been a finalist for the New Zealand Adam Portraiture Awards, Hawkes Bay Review and EAST Art Awards and was the Supreme Winner of the International World of Wearable Arts competition in 2014, including Runner-Up and 3rd in her section for subsequent years.

"The humble family home, worn like a crown, symbolises our need for home ownership and belonging in a changing globalised world. Do we need to change our thinking of what a home should be? Is the generational gap appearing wider since the exponential growth of technology and social media? How do Baby boomers, Millennials, and Generation Z continue to work together? Is there still a mutual respect or has that been compromised.

Some say our subconscious thoughts are influenced by what we fear or suppress. As a surrealist painter I like to use a collection of subconscious images that aren’t usually seen together, and then add conscious thought to the mix to establish a meaning or message."

- Kate MacKenzie

Kate MacKenzie original paintings for sale at Parnell Gallery NZ