Sally Smith

Sally Smith is a New Zealand based Sculptor inspired by the wildlife of Aotearoa

Sally Smith’s work celebrates the flora and fauna of New Zealand in all its strength and fragility and aims to provoke thought about how we must value these things for generations to come. Smith’s work is a subtle discourse on responsibility to our incredible natural species and is invited through joyful aesthetic means.

Having graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1993, Sally Smith went on to found her own architectural practice which she ran for twenty years, whilst at the same time continuing to develop her art career. Since 2010, Smith has focused solely on her art which she produces from her Waiheke Island studio.

Smith creates wall-mounted sculptures in bronze and aluminum, which are then finished in a green, gold, blue or black patina. Once mounted on the wall, deep shadows are created giving a dramatic three-dimensional effect. This is particularly effective when a sculpture consists of a large flock of birds or school of fish, giving the work a sense of depth and movement.

Smith’s exhibition ‘Murmuration’ invites a focus on the innate intelligence and beauty of our natural world. Living and working on Waiheke, a concern for the fragility of our natural environment is inherent in Smith’s unique wall-mounted sculptural pieces.

“In this collection of works I explore ‘Murmuration’, the concept of moving as one, as observed in both bird and sea life with works that have no constraints of borders and frames, but are free to fly and go where they will.”

In these stunning group arrangements the shapes of the particular species are simplified, emphasizing their beauty and continuity of form en masse. A fine geometry can also be found in Smith’s single sculptures – which may magnify one of our smaller life forms, such as a kina shell or a bee. Instantly recognizable through faithful detail, the artist has mastered a subtle stylization that draws attention to the underlying patterns in our extraordinary natural world. Smith exhibits nationally and internationally and has works in private collections in the UK, Australia, USA, Italy and France.