Christian Nicolson

Ena Sharples


500 × 1720 mm



About this artwork

This sculpture is designed to be outside.

Artist bio

“I like to be creative in as many ways as possible. Whatever it is to get across my idea and explore what I am doing. I make sculptures. I do large installations in the landscape. I use photography, paint, screen printing, have a rock band and make videos and film. That is what I do - focus on the idea not the medium. This is the way I want to continue. My way. I pride my self in doing different things. I act for myself but usually always like to relate to other people. I want people to get my work. When I have something to say I want you to know what that is. If it’s hard to find, it should at least be clear when you get there. I do not usually do stuff that nobody can understand. I know not everybody gets all of it, but as long as they understand some of it then I am on the right track.”

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