Neil Driver

Pears & Blue Enamel

Giclee Print on Canvas

800 × 595 mm


About this artwork

If you would like framing recommendations please contact the gallery, this print does not require glass.
Image Size: 720 x 510mm
Canvas Size: 800 x 595mm

Artist bio

Born and raised in Dunedin, Neil Driver moved to Central Otago in 1975. It is from this land that he derives his inspiration, with its magical light and breathtaking landscapes.

Driver is a painter of light.  From landscape to still life, his work evokes serenity, calmness and effortless grace.  Painting in a mixture of traditional and contemporary styles that is uniquely his own, Driver often depicts details that are generally overlooked by the human eye. This gifted artist brings life and beauty to the simplest objects, such as a shirt hanging on a chair, a tablecloth or bowl of fruit.

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