Daniel Wright

Stencil Ray (XX Large)


630 x 610 mm



Artist bio

Daniel Wright is a contemporary sculptor based on Great Barrier Island who is known for his copper sculptures that convey his deep connection with New Zealand’s marine environment.

Having developed an artistic practice in wood and bone carving, Wright now works with copper due to its malleable but equally robust character, which he expertly shapes and moulds to create beguilingly elegant forms.

Copper’s susceptibility to oxidisation is leveraged by Wright who chemically facilitates this process to produce a patina that is unique to each of his works. Wright leaves areas of copper untouched, allowing the gleam of metal to contrast with the textured sea-like greens of the patina.
Wright’s sculptures are informed by his affinity with the ocean and his desire to capture the essence of the creatures that inhabit it. He achieves this by reducing and refining his marine life subjects to their most pure forms, producing sculptures that communicate Wright’s understanding of his chosen medium of copper to be able to deliver both harmony of line and a dichotomy of colour and texture.

Parnell Gallery has represented Daniel Wright since 2020.

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