In this body of new paintings, Catherine Roberts engages with colour, texture, and contrast to form a series of abstract utopian landscapes that exude a sense of imaginary escapism and harmonious rhythm.

Working in mixed media on canvas to large-scale, Roberts approaches each piece with an acceptance of serendipity; areas of paint move unhindered and colours are given reign to compose themselves.  Warm blues and yellows, potent reds, greens, and radiant turquoises are sensitively applied with consideration to Roberts’ primary inspiration: the landscape. Naturalistic landforms are translated into surreal dream-like sequences through energetic hues and melodious compositions. The result is a sublime scene, sparked into captivating vibrancy through the application of a high-gloss resin, the artist’s final touch.

‘A Fanciful Mind’ will be on display at Parnell Gallery from 19 October – 2 November