The October/November 2023 issue of HOME Magazine features the works of  exhibiting artist, Anna Stichbury featured with an overview of ‘The Memory Garden’ which is on view at Parnell Gallery from 7-21 November 2023.


Euphoric Blooms

Painter Anna Stichbury’s latest exhibition is a collection of vibrant, uplifting immersions into her expressive vision of the natural world – and an invitation to engage with sheer and unabridged joy.

Historically, Anna has worked with a primary concept or theme for her exhibitions, exploring notions of familiarity, discovery, perception, and memory.

This time, the Wellington-based artist takes an introspective approach with a series of paintings and installations that offers an eclectic view into a timeline of devotion to playful exploration of colour and abstraction.

They’re a homage to euphoric blooms, textured skies, azure oceans – the golden glow of life that captures our senses.

Anna Stichbury’s exhibition will be held at Parnell Gallery from 7 to 21 November.

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