Brian Darlberg painting - new artist to Parnell Gallery

We are delighted to share that prominent New Zealand painter, Brian Dahlberg, has recently joined Parnell Gallery’s stable of artists.

In his latest works, Dahlberg seamlessly integrates elements of his more traditional, surrealistic approach to the landscape with Cubist influences, resulting in compositions that are both familiar and refreshingly innovative. This harmonious blend of styles adds an energetic dimension to his works, inviting viewers to engage with his compelling vision of the New Zealand landscape. Frequently infusing his compositions with dynamism and vitality, Dahlberg’s works are characterised by a refined colour palette that emphasises the shifting tonal cadences in the landscape. With each painting, Dahlberg continues to evolve his artistic voice, offering a contemporary take on the beauty of New Zealand’s scenery.

Embarking on his artistic journey with formal studies at Nelson College and Wanganui Technical College, Dahlberg’s early artistic development was further enriched through personal tutelage under the esteemed World War II artist and cartographer to General Freyberg, the late Ted Lewis. It was during the years 1968 and 1969 that Dahlberg had the privilege of being a pupil of the late Dame Louise Henderson, studying subjects of the figure, portraiture, and Cubism under her guidance.

Dahlberg began exhibiting his paintings in 1970, marking the commencement of a lifelong dedication to his practice. Over the last five decades Dahlberg has shown his work extensively throughout New Zealand and exhibited internationally. His paintings are held in embassies and private collections in the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, U.K., Holland, Australia, and New Zealand. Brian now lives in Northland with his wife Carol, where he continues to paint New Zealand’s landscape.

To view all available works by Dahlberg, click here or email for more information or to arrange a viewing.