Alfred Hassencamp

Woman Uplifting

Hassencamp has been represented at the Parnell Gallery since March 2007. Originally from Germany, Hassencamp now resides in Auckland and works from his home studio.



From the artist:


“I have been making bronze sculptures for over thirty years.  I learned from the experience of others, attended courses, studied the work of sculptors and I still love to go to museums – especially those showing bronze sculpture.  These visits always inspire me – particularly European artists such as Henry Moore, Jean Arpe and Constantin Brancusi.

I have exhibited in Germany and here in New Zealand in many private exhibitions. In 2005 I won the Sculpture Award in the Members Exhibition of the Mairangi Art Centre, Auckland.

My designs follow the contents. I like some tension between straight and diagonal or curved lines.  The proportions have to be right, also bringing in space by openings.  I love to create openings in my sculptures – they bring light and shadows and connect the sculpture with the environment.  The surface has to correspond with the subject – a smooth surface for more abstract pieces and a more lively surface for more realistic pieces.”

Woman Uplifting