Fatu Feu'u

Fatu Feu'u renowned polynesian artist

Born in Western Samoa in 1946, Fatu Feu’u moved to Auckland when he was twenty. While primarily a painter, Feu’u explores a range of other mediums including bronze, wood and stone sculpture, pottery design, lithographs, woodcuts and glass works (both stained and etched).

Feu’u’s work is inspired by Polynesian art forms such as the tapa cloth, tatoo, weaving, carving and ceremonial mask making. In these forms he uses a rich lexicon of motifs and compositional structures. His works frequently blend traditional and contemporary elements, incorporating a range of influences, inspirations, techniques and motifs from Samoa and New Zealand and more generally from Euro-American to Pacific cultures.

Fatu Feu'u is a Samoan New Zealand artist specialising in Polynesian iconography and art making techniques