Jason Hicks

Parnell Gallery Auckland Artwork for sale by Jason Hicks

Jason Hicks first exhibited with Parnell Gallery in 1998. He was born in Wanganui in 1973, and graduated with a degree in design and photography from Victoria University in 1997. It is for his paintings that he has become known and he has exhibited widely.

Jason’s work captures the affinity we as New Zealanders have with the birds and the land. His paintings evoke nostalgia for a more innocent past whilst challenging the viewer to contemplate what the future may hold. His work explores identity, time and place, using our native birds as a vehicle to convey these ideas. His 2015 show, ‘Numbers’, offered a deepening exploration of these themes, with the birds becoming increasingly defined in character.

Jason’s work is vastly rich in texture yet harmonious, comprising layers of loose underdrawing, more formally worked areas of overpainting, and incorporating text, Maori iconography and robust colour to his visual inquiry. The combined effect is enhanced by the materials he works on, with recycled timbers often providing a fitting foil to the captivating imagery.

“In each layer a level of meaning can be scratched away, revealing home truths…”

With each show, the artist further finds his contemporary niche within the rich tradition of bird and landscape painting in this country.

Jason’s work has featured in many New Zealand publications and his works are held in major private and corporate collections, both nationally and internationally. He has been selected for several major art awards, including the Norsewear and Waikato Art awards and the ROSL Art UK travel scholarship.

Parnell Gallery Auckland Artwork for sale by Jason Hicks