Julie Battisti

Julie Battisti paints fine floral and cloudscape paintings in oil on linen

“I am interested in trying to capture moments of the natural world, to recreate shapes and textures subject to entropy, subjects that will naturally decay and devolve with time. I am one of those people who does tend to rush things, I talk quickly, I often don’t look where I’m going because I’m in a hurry, but in my studio, I am able to be slow and deliberate.

In a world where some days it feels everything moves too quickly: flowers wilt, phones ring, clouds disperse; an artwork has the ability to stand still.

– Julie Battisti

Julie Battisti is a contemporary painter creating finely detailed floral works and cloudscapes in oil on linen.

Initially working from her own photographic explorations, Battisti sensitively enlarges each floral subject on the canvas, rendering exquisite detail into a breathtaking vision. With expressive composition, Battisti’s blooms exude a luminous intensity; delicately textured translucent petals capture and release light while the large scale of each flower head offers an invitation for full immersion in sublime beauty.

Similarly, Battisti’s dream-like cloudscapes evoke a heady sense of natural escapism. An engaging sense of depth is created through a myriad of blue and green glazes while layers of opaque white urge the foreground forward; a fleeting cloud rendered still through gestural immediacy. With the intentional absence of a horizon line, Battisti encourages the viewer to avoid being grounded and to instead linger in the atmosphere of the painting.

Battisti was raised in Melbourne and discovered her love of painting at school, finding herself drawn to the world inside the art department. She followed her interests at university where she completed a double degree in Visual Arts and International Relations at The Australian National University. After balancing a corporate and teaching career alongside her painting practice while living in Melbourne, Battisti moved to New Zealand in 2017 and now paints full time.

Battisti has exhibited in New Zealand and Australia, with works held in private collections throughout New Zealand and abroad.

Parnell Gallery has represented Julie Battisti since 2018.

Julie Battisti paints fine floral and cloudscape paintings in oil on linen