Kiya Nancarrow

Kiya Nancarrow ceramic artist

Whanganui- born sculptor Kiya Nancarrow trained and worked as a both an Occupational Therapist and Psychotherapist before travel and an interest in Buddhism led to the embracing of a lifelong itch to express herself through art-making. After gaining a degree in ceramics from the University of Westminster, Nancarrow lived and worked in London for eight years developing her ceramics practice alongside her therapy work before returning to New Zealand and setting up her Waiheke Island studio in 2004.

Nancarrow is interested in creating a sense of movement and continuous change, particularly on a visceral or sensual level. She engages with Buddhist ideas of the notion of continuum of movement, hoping that the viewer?s eye will move along the interlocking forms fluid lines without interruption. The nature of clay allows Nancarrow to work with form while it is still malleable, securing the fleeting visibility of energy that pervades all movement.

These ceramic works are made of stoneware clays, through a combination of throwing and hand building. The surfaces are sealed with Terra-Sigilata and/or Under-Glaze. While the interlocking forms create dynamic energies through harmony or contrast each piece is made as an individual and waits to find its partner. Some pieces are happy to stand-alone.

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