Maico Camilo

Brazilian abstract artist Maico Camilo in his Auckland based studio

Originating from Brazil, Maico Camilo is a contemporary painter living in Auckland, where he has been working as a professional artist for nearly two decades.

Specialising in acrylics and mixed media, Camilo’s work serves as a reflection of his personal narrative and lived experiences, utilising his platform to challenge the conventional perspectives he perceives. The large scale of Camilo’s work, along with his vibrant and alluring palette, emphasises a sense of immersion in his vision of the world, inviting audiences to delve into a diverse range of visual experiences. Frequently, Camilo will create bodies of work that explore a specific subject that resonates with his lived experiences such as his Internal Saboteur series. Through these works Camilo explores the human habit of self-doubt and judgement, using line and form to capture the impact of our own self-critique, with his figures portraying different emotions and feelings, positive and negative.

Camilo’s artistic journey began in 2005 when, leaving Brazil, he ventured to New Zealand – a move that ultimately set the stage for a transformative exploration of creative expression. Together with his partner, Lyndon, Camilo has embarked on a journey that has taken them across continents, enriching his artistic vision with each new encounter. As he returns to his creative roots in New Zealand, Camilo’s art continues to evolve, reflecting the multifaceted nature of human existence. This exposure to different cultures and environments has deeply influenced his artistic voice, resulting in a body of work that resonates with audiences worldwide.

In 2023, Camilo’s work was included in a collaborative exhibition at the Auckland Museum, where he joined forces with fellow Brazilian artists to showcase their collective experiences and creativity. Through his art, Camilo extends an invitation to explore the complexities of life and embrace the beauty of cultural diversity, transcending boundaries with each stroke of his brush.

Throughout his career, Camilo has shown his work on a global scale, exhibiting in New York, Milan, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, and Venice.

Parnell Gallery has represented Maico Camilo since 2024.

Abstract painting by Maico Camilo