Martin Carryer

Blue Penguin Maire and Stainless stel sculpture by Martin Carryer

Martin Carryer grew up with wood as a hobby; carving and experimenting from a very young age. Growing up in rural Taranaki with links to the mountain and central hills he developed a keen interest in native flora and fauna.

He began his adult life as a farmer with a strong side interest in woodwork. Although having no formal training he made furniture, developing increasingly contemporary one-off designs for commissions. He always imagined that later in life with more time he would turn his attention to carving and sculpture.

For fifteen years he provided part time support to sculptor Paul Dibble, making patterns for many of his larger bronze pieces. He was significantly involved in construction of the Anzac memorial in Hyde Park London.

For the last few years he has focused exclusively on birds. His desire is to capture their unique forms and expression, enchanted by the identity associated with birds in our history. At the same time he explores their plight through sculptures, which consider man’s impact on the bird’s environment.  He is interested in the reduction of habitat for birds from farming.  Previous sculptures have used farming tools and hardware in illustration.  Whilst not being anti farming he wishes to remember the change that has happened to New Zealand and our responsibility to the life forms whose survival is now at risk. Other sculptures have more simply celebrated their co-existence; eg kakas over Wellington and gannets at Cape Kidnappers.

Martin Carryer’s wood and metal sculptures capture the essence of New Zealand native birds, while also alluding to the destruction of the birds’ natural habitat by humans. His work is driven primarily by a fascination with form and a passion for the process of translating that form into his lifelong medium of wood.

Martin Carryer, Sculpture - Deco Fan - Maire & Stainless Steel, Parnell Gallery Auckland NZ