Rochelle Andrews

Rochelle Andrews I Heart Peonies artwork

Rochelle Andrews has been painting full time since graduating in 1996 with a degree in illustration.  Creative arts has long run in her family as Andrew’s great, great uncle, James Brown, was one of New Zealand’s first political cartoonists from 1852 and her passion for painting was largely influenced by her father with his own talent for oil painting and aviation art.

“Rochelle creates ’larger than life’ flower paintings accentuating the beauty of flowers in close-up. Her work never fails to capture the colour and depth of her subject matter, sometimes bold, sometimes delicate and always beautiful. These calm and thought-provoking canvases are a delight and the talent that she shows capturing her subject is quite extraordinary.

-Linda Sell, Gallery Director, Pond Gallery, London


Andrews has undertaken many commissioned pieces and her work can be found in collections within the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Germany, Japan and Singapore.