Tim Jones


Tim Jones is a contemporary artist creating bold abstract paintings through a harmonious balance of purposeful expression and material autonomy.


Jones is driven by inquiry, and with evocative reference to the natural environment, colour and form are intertwined and steeped in rhythm and movement. Conceptualisation and construction of each painting is free and dynamic with Jones blending instinctual brush marks with unhindered movement of paint across the surface to describe a coalescence of structure and hue.

Abstraction is Jones’ lexicon; a visual language with which he reveals subtext and meaning forged through ongoing affinity with our surroundings. Gesturing toward familiar elements, such as the subtle and dramatic contours of a landscape or the harmoniously chaotic architecture of a crashing wave, Jones lays bare an opportunity to engage with our own emotive memories and sensory recollections attached to environments of our past and present.

Born in London, Jones travelled extensively before settling in Auckland, New Zealand. Having exhibited throughout Australia and New Zealand, his works are held in private collections and high-profile placements worldwide.

Parnell Gallery has represented Tim Jones since 2014.

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