Weston Frizzell

Weston Frizzell pop artist Otis Frizzell Mike Weston Parnell Gallery NZ Behave Black

Weston Frizzell is the collaborative identity of New Zealand artists Mike Weston and Otis Frizzell who have worked together since 1999. The Weston Frizzell branding recognises the collaborative nature of their working process which often involves a gradual refining of ideas and the combined application of their unique skills to produce (often highly satirical) limited edition stencilled and hand-painted works. Weston Frizzell have produced a playful and challenging stream of works, setting and resetting the benchmark in artistic and technical achievement against which the local scene has measured itself.


Mike Weston is the Proprietor of The Area, an independent music and art studio in Auckland. Mike sees himself as a pop culture situationist, an appropriator and re-mixer of local and international art history. He has been working with Otis Frizzell since 1999. Their collaborative relationship results in works branded ‘Weston Frizzell’; individually produced works are attributed to either Weston or Frizzell. Mike had his first major exhibition in Auckland at Parnell Gallery with Otis Frizzell in June 2006.


Otis (son of Dick Frizzell) has more than fifteen years of public graffiti art experience and since 1998 has retained his undisputed position as New Zealand’s highest profile graffiti artist. His first solo exhibition ‘Opto2000’ was produced with pop culture manipulator Mike Weston. This exhibition marked the beginning of an innovative art production and management collaboration, and works branded playfully as ‘Weston Frizzell’.

His first major exhibition at an Auckland gallery was at Parnell Gallery with Mike Weston (Celebrity War Porn) in June 2006.

Weston Frizzell pop artist Otis Frizzell Mike Weston Parnell Gallery NZ Behave Black