Wilhelmiina Drummond

Wilhelmiina Drummond ceramic sculptor art for sale Parnell Gallery Auckland NZ

Drummond draws her creativity from the earth, and finds inspiration through her memories, giving the works a sense of serenity. White raku clay has become her favoured material and each of her pieces is hand-made and therefore unique.

Wilhelmina Drummond is a predominantly self-taught ceramic artist based in Hamilton.

Born and raised in Finland, Drummond settled in New Zealand with her Kiwi husband in 2011. Drummond’s first exhibition was in 2014, with the Dynamic Ceramics and Visual Arts in Cambridge. At this time she became involved with a pottery group called ‘People of Fire’, in which her enthusiasm for raku was established.

Over recent years Drummond has established her creative process and put her roots down firmly at the Waikato Society of Potters where she now does the majority of her work.

“Having spent much of my youth surrounded by lakes and forests, I am inspired by nature. Especially during both dusk and dawn, when the world briefly becomes magical and otherworldly. The idea that this reality could be more than what it seems is incredibly intriguing to me and has always been the source of my creativity. It has taken me some time to adjust to New Zealand’s nature, yet over the past few years, my roots have begun to grow into this wild place, which I now call home. I’m certain that my new surroundings have greatly affected the development of my artwork. It has become more powerful in its expression yet continues to hold on to its delicate sensitivity.”

Wilhelmiina Drummond has been represented by Parnell Gallery since 2017.