And that’s a wrap! We’ve had a wonderful time at the Auckland Art Fair, surrounded by inspiring artworks across 38 galleries and plenty of engaging conversations. Although the Fair hasn’t ended the way we hoped, without hesitation we would still call it a huge success, and we would like to extend a big thank you to the Auckland Art Fair team who have worked tirelessly for months in the lead up to this event and for their adept handling of the changing alert levels, allowing us access to de-install the artworks last night.
Although we weren’t able to greet you at the fair today, you can view all of the artworks on our website under ‘Exhibitions’.
In the meantime, please enjoy these install shots of our booth at the fair featuring paintings by George Gray, Greer Clayton, and Peter Hackett, and sculptures by Vicky Savage, Trevor Askin and Nejat Kavvas.