Parnell Gallery Flower Show Emma Bass Robert Scriven Peter Hackett Lee Dewsnap

PREVIEW: TUESDAY 11 September, 5.30PM
EXHIBITION: 11 – 25 September 2018

A group exhibition to welcome the beginning of Spring of four artists with quite different approaches to their chosen subject matter – flowers.

Vibrancy and unique observation are the common threads that run so fluidly through this selection of works by these diverse and accomplished artists.

The Parnell Gallery Flower Show assembles new works from Emma Bass, Lee Dewsnap, Peter Hackett and Robert Scriven in a visual event that will lift the spirits and seduce the senses.

Floral art has remained popular throughout the centuries because it engages on such an emotional level.  It can be contemplative, dramatic, joyful or surprising, but it invariably connects with people’s hearts.

It has been fascinating to compare these four artists’ take on the floral theme. Although it has been like taking a journey through the eras from the Renaissance through the Impressionist period to our modern day, the commonality is that each work makes the viewer feel uplifted. Each work embodies the hopefulness of new beginnings.

The Parnell Gallery Flower Show featuring new works from Emma Bass, Lee Dewsnap, Peter Hackett and Robert Scriven, will open on September 11.

The show runs until September 25.