Current Exhibition

Anna Stichbury
‘Painted Imaginings’

Exhibition: 17 – 31 March 2020
Preview: Tuesday 17th March, 1pm

Wellington based artist Anna Stichbury works across a range of media, specialising in contemporary mixed media paintings featuring intense hues and rich textures. The large scale of Anna’s vibrant semi-abstract seascapes, landscapes, and brilliant installations draws the viewer in, emphasising engagement with her true subjects: colour and texture.

Anna’s signature gestural brushwork and luminous application of bold and vibrant colours on canvas and board are present throughout ‘Painted Imaginings’. A dynamic shift sees the inclusion of smaller works inspired by Anna’s ongoing fascination with cloud formations. The aptly titled ‘Cloud Collecting’ and ‘Horizon Hunter’  feature singular clouds, framed and captured within the landscape for the viewer to admire.

Through this latest body of work, Anna reflects on the myriad methods, materials, and collections that have driven her extensive exhibition history, giving the sense of a retrospective suite while boldly stepping into new realms of colour and composition.