Life in Colour

Dalene Meiring

Exhibition: 17 - 31 August 2021

Dalene Meiring’s latest body of work invites the viewer to engage with ‘Life in Colour’, visual tales told through vibrant hues and eclectic imagery.

Expressively offering themes of femininity and connectivity, Meiring creates worlds in which familiar motifs such as flowers, landscapes, cityscapes, objects and animals, take on wider symbolic qualities.

Meiring has long been fascinated with the intricate ways in which the elements of our individual worlds coexist. It is this interaction that drives a gentle anecdotal narrative through each artwork, be it an abstracted landscape, a joyful floral composition, or an idyllic rural scene.

Finely rendered in oil, the large scale of these paintings offers us a place to contemplate the shifting textural layering and serene tapestries so reflective of the timeless fragments of daily life.

Born in Sasolburg, South Africa in 1965, Meiring studied art at the University of South Africa. In 1997 she emigrated with her family to New Zealand where she has continued to paint full time. Meiring’s work is exhibited in private and corporate collections throughout New Zealand and overseas.

Dalene Meiring oil on canvas painting of vibrant poppies