Greer Clayton

Exhibition: 21 July - 4 August 2020

In this latest body of work Greer Clayton draws inspiration from her recent journey to our Subantarctic Islands while continuing to reference environments and coastlines closer to home.

Working in large-scale, Clayton’s moody abstracted landscapes are inquiries into subtle variations of colour, light, and form; voiced through a joyful engagement with the natural environment.

‘Landlines’ sees Clayton continue her focus on the textural essence of a landscape while works such as Golden Rolling Thunder see a progression into a complex layered surface with more defined landforms evolving. In other works such as Soft Rain on Dusky we are presented with muted and contrasting mountains in tonal variations that build the horizon to atmospheric definition.

From the artist, “I’m interested in the ‘feel’ of the environment, the changing light and the shifting clouds through the islands and mountains giving more movement and moodiness.  Landscapes have their own distinct colours and textures formed from native plants, rivers, lakes, and coastlines rising to the ever-changing skyline.  I aim to capture some of that energy visually.

‘Landlines’ is on display at Parnell Gallery 21 July – 4 August.