Water's Edge

Matt Payne

Exhibition: 30 June - 14 July 2020

In this latest body of work, Matt Payne continues to direct our attention to the delicate features of our vast and varied coastlines; emphasising the elements to bring those details to the forefront of our minds. He is not merely imitating nature; he is bringing painterly fragments to a breath-taking realism.

Working in acrylic on canvas, the large scale of Payne’s paintings provides a deep sense that we might simply walk right into the composition, with the water lapping at our feet.

“…the aim for me is to capture the essence of what it is I’m painting. It can be an emotion, a feeling or a mood.  I am fascinated by how an image is just tiny bits of colour joined or linked together like some sort of code. I love to explore the relationships between colour, light and form and how these elements are seen by the eye when they are put together.” – Matt Payne


Artist Matt Payne's painting of Cooks Beach, Coromandel NZ