Recent Paintings

Neil Driver

Exhibition: 6 — 20 September

Through a balance of traditional and contemporary painting styles, Neil Driver sensitively guides the observer toward details that might otherwise be overlooked – the beauty to be found in the texture of a wooden crate, the beguiling light reserved only for its reflection on warm floorboards, or the intricate charm of rust lines working their way over enamelware clearly loved for generations. Each of his works carry an intense sense of human presence while the figure itself is absent from the scene, shadow and light punctuating the composition with a gentle and lasting stillness.


Known for both his still life compositions and landscapes, Driver’s paintings exude a timeless quality, inviting the viewer to gaze out at shores and sea views through light-filled windows and open doors. An element of surrealist influence sees the artist depict the sense of a place, rather than topographical representations, placing the scene outside windows and doors that do not actually exist in the location. It’s this artistic licence or allegorical freedom that emphasises a dream-like quality within the work, allowing us to be transported to a place that sits outside of time.

Neil Driver still life painting