Peter Hackett

28 September - 17 October 2021

Working in thick impasto oils, contemporary painter Peter Hackett creates captivating and immersive floral scenes, presenting to the viewer’s eye his sublime vision of nature’s incomparable beauty.

The sculptural quality of Hackett’s diverse and vibrant palette, applied instinctively with paint-laden brushes and palette knives, unveils the alluring sense that his work is as much about the material as it is about the subject. Paired with the large scale of the works an atmosphere of immediacy and intimacy is created, allowing us to lose ourselves further within the joyful, visceral qualities of these intoxicating paintings. Hackett says, “I am not just using oil paint to describe a meadow; I am using a meadow to describe oil paint.”

Flowers have long held the role of muse, their aesthetic, olfactory, and tactile qualities inspiring artists throughout history. Hackett invests in this tradition while engaging with a contemporary framework; observing and presenting flora in a magnetic commingling of abstract and figurative representation that invokes a heady and enchanting sense of passion, scent, texture, colour, and presence.

Peter Hackett, Painting - ANZAC Cenotaph - Oil on Canvas, Parnell Gallery Auckland NZ