Quo Vadis

Tim Jones

Exhibition: 11 - 25 June
Preview: Tuesday 11 June, 5.30-7pm




“Exhibition titles play an important part in defining the theme and tempo of a show. This year is no exception with the intriguing Latin phrase ‘Quo Vadis,’ which means ‘Where are you going?’.

This is a beautiful and poignant question we can ask ourselves periodically, both artistically and in life. When pondered introspectively it can give great insight and guide our next steps.

Engaging in that process has sparked a fresh creative direction for my artistic evolution.

Interestingly, there has been a shift in my approach and choices, and this is filtering through into my practice, as in my paintings I often seek to capture the essence of movement, change, and transformation.

My work has predominantly been inspired by water and the ocean, referencing wavelike forms, and using blue hues. However, lately, I have been spending more time in forests and bushland, and there has been a noticeable change in the source of my inspiration. I have shifted to a more neutral earthy palette and the reference has come from geological landscape, foliage, and interesting natural textures.

This shift is coupled with a renewed focus on mark-making. This painterly aspect of artistic practice is one that I have been drawn back to, and I am enjoying exploring a more raw and tactile approach to applying the paint. The physicality and impulsive nature of mark-making is expressive and personal, which feels very real and true.

Within each piece, there are subtle nuances of atmosphere and meaning. I strive to make every work a standalone piece of art, with its own story, complexity, and depth. Combining the elements mentioned above, inspiration from the natural earth, and a more free abstract approach to gesture, I can create something novel in each painting.

In ‘Quo Vadis,’ I invite viewers to pause and reflect on their journey through life. As they immerse themselves in the textures and shapes in my paintings, I hope to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity about the path that lies ahead.”

– Tim Jones