Tony Ogle

Preview: Tuesday 12th March, 5.30pm
Exhibition: 12 - 31 March 2024

For every iconic screen print he has created there is an original painting, and until now Tony Ogle has kept these in his private collection; a personal record of every composition and scene he has captured. Parnell Gallery is delighted to present this major retrospective of over 60 original paintings that have never before been exhibited or offered for purchase.

Painted over the years 1993 – 2023, Ogle’s vibrant works featuring the coastal scenery of New Zealand express an authentic connection to the landscape. Ogle would capture his scenes, creating each painting in acrylic on board, before translating the composition and palette into his prolific limited edition screen prints, many of which are now sold out.

Working with strong lines and an immersive palette, Ogle deftly describes our relationship with the ocean – be it playful, serene, or adventurous.

This milestone exhibition will mark 30 years of Ogle’s career in painting and printmaking, and is the first time this extensive body of paintings will be on view and available to purchase.

Tony Ogle paintings