Many wonderful women have had a hand in making Parnell the suburb, its success and its story, what it is today, and what it will move to in the future.

Parnell is a suburb that has undergone many iterations, from being Auckland’s first suburb, to now, one of the most diverse, tech forward, yet traditional, slightly unpredictable, and still uniquely quaint!

For International Women’s Day earlier this month, the team at Parnell Business Association put out the call for nominations for women who have had a part to play in making Parnell what it is, and Parnell Gallery’s Co-Director and Founder, Sally Souness, couldn’t have fit the bill better – with nearly 50 years of living and owning a business in the suburb.

A tenacious and passionate young Sally founded The Hang Up Gallery in 1976 at age 23, and has spent nearly-five decades making exceptional New Zealand art available to dedicated art lovers and newcomers alike. Her youthful business plan was to provide both international and local limited edition prints to the New Zealand art market but as the gallery grew it evolved, with her rebranding in 1996, becoming Parnell Gallery. Sally’s daughter, Anna Silcock joined her at Parnell Gallery in the role of Gallery Manager in 2011 before becoming co-Director and joint owner in 2016.

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