Art Week event 'Pasture to Paper' with artist Tiffany Singh

Cookery is not chemistry. It is an art.
-Marcel Boulestin


This Artweek, artist Tiffany Singh and chef Ed Verner (Pasture restaurant) will be collaborating to emphasize the ethics behind the sustainable future of food. Visually articulating the relationship between the garden and the table, Singh will create artworks that translate the platform between plate and paper.

Tiffany has exhibited work throughout New Zealand, including the Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland Art Festival, Govett Brewster and Papakura art gallery, as well as undertaking residencies at the McCahon House in Titirangi and the Montalvo Arts Centre in California.

International chef Ed Verner has created food at such established places as Meredith’s, SidArt, Stafford Road Wine Bar and is now co-owner of Pasture in Parnell with his wife Laura.

On Saturday 8th October at 11:00 a.m, Tiffany and Ed will be giving a special talk at Parnell Gallery. The topic covers their collaboration of food and art, with Ed’s vision of seasonal menus and fresh local ingredients and Tiffany’s special creation of a series of paintings using Pasture elements.

Tiffany will take Ed’s found and foraged organic ingredients and using organic processes, such as the Japanese Hapa-zome (leaf beating) technique to make pigments, will then create a series of artworks. This art making process will explore distilling the essence of food into colour and form, mirroring the creative practices that Ed uses to design the menu.

The works will be created in Pasture so that Tiffany can work alongside the open kitchen. They will be on show during Artweek in Pasture, creating an exhibition of permaculture ethics and principles.

Parnell Gallery is pleased to be hosting Ed and Tiffany’s talk on Saturday, 8th October at 11am. The event is free to attend and all are welcome. Please register your interest by emailing

Tiffany Singh is represented by Melanie Roger Gallery.