Peter Hackett’s engaging paintings are without doubt a talking point when on view in the gallery –  the uplifting and joyful feelings they stir, the immersive nature of the sculptural paint describing itself as much as the colourful landscape… the sometimes unbearable temptation to touch (which we must all resist!). Once the aesthetic, poetic, and conceptual qualities have been covered, conversation might veer to the more practical aspects of owning a painting in such thick impasto oil – how long do they take to dry, how does one keep such a textured work free from dust?!

Drying times for Hackett’s works can vary between 6 months to a year or more, depending on size, thickness of paint, and the weather! Oil paint will dry through exposure to air, and so while the paintings are ‘touch dry’ soon after completion, the paint has a way to go before being ‘bone dry’ as the thick layers of oil slowly harden under their silken outer layer. At this stage a gentle dust with a light touch using a feather duster (or similar) will keep any dust at bay, and doing so regularly will prevent any settling into the crevices and building up. 

We welcome all and any queries you may have about our artworks. Different materials and media can come with particular requirements and care, so please do visit and, while we’re discussing the wonderful values of the work, we can talk about the practical aspects of owning an original piece of art too, so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come. 

Pictured: captivating details from Hackett’s paintings in his continuing ‘The Honeymooners’ Bed’ series.

View Peters past and present works on his artist page here.