Author Ceramics

Rosa Bowl


135 x 420 mm



About this artwork

A soft and wavy bowl, a statement piece for any home, inspired by the artists beautiful puppy Rosa.

Thrown on the potters wheel, each piece is pushed and pulled bending into a stunning organic shape. The piece natural sits between our Lilly bowl and Marlowe vase, the shape is a blend of both, a harmonious addition to any collection.The bowl is perfect as a centre piece, a statement that sits happily on its own as a work of art, a talking point, or fill with fruit to elevate your table.

Every bowl is unique and different, while the size and design of each bowl is the same, each piece will differ in small and subtle ways making every piece a one of a kind.

Made using New Zealand white clay from Waikato blended with black sand from the West Coast. A blend the artist makes in his Auckland studio, one that holds memories of his family adventures discovering our coastline.

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