Sally Bulling

Flower Pot

Glitter Holographic Stickers & Epoxy Glass on Board

605 x 605 mm



About this artwork

Artist Statement

“It’s been a while since I began exploring this medium, I am delighted to share my Renaissance-styled floral still lifes, infused with a playful twist using an unexpected medium: sparkly stickers.

Each artwork begins with layering of hundreds, maybe even thousands of these reflective stickers, akin to a child meticulously adorning a notebook or bedroom wall. However, the end result transcends mere childhood nostalgia, transforming into a sophisticated exploration of light, reflection, and form.

As light hits the surface of the stickers, it creates a dazzling spectacle, reminiscent of holographic luminescence. This interplay of light and reflection breathes life into the classical compositions, blurring the lines between traditional and contemporary art forms.

The juxtaposition of Renaissance-inspired imagery with childlike materials sparks curiosity and wonder, encouraging viewers to engage with the artwork on multiple levels.

By slowly revealing an abstract still life within the layers of stickers, I invite viewers on a journey of discovery and imagination, as you look closer, many layers reveal themselves, showcasing a multitude of images such as skulls, trucks, butterflies, bunnies, horses, wild cats, and Tui’s. Every time you view this work, it reveals something new, inviting you to explore its intricacies further. Each piece is a whimsical playground of colour.

Ultimately, my artwork celebrates the joy of creativity and the transformative power of simple materials, reminding viewers of the beauty found in embracing the childlike wonder within us all.”

Artist bio

Sally Bulling is a contemporary New Zealand artist, creating abstract paintings in sculptural, wall-mounted layers that evoke an infinite energy.

Bulling’s works feature combinations of vibrant and alluring colour with rich golds, channelled into her sculptural forms. Expressive marks are created through movement, sweeping brush strokes, drips, and flicks dance together in playful tension across the surface. Every layer of the work is sensitively considered to engage and delight the viewer.

Bulling utilises mirror as her canvas, her veneers of poured liquid glass preserving the layers of paint, while the shaped edges and painted backs project an aura of light and colour on to the wall behind.

A unique and luminous light and depth is captured through her works, reflecting the viewer’s own gaze and surroundings, offering an immersive sense of interplay between viewer and artwork.

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