Sally Bulling

Let’s Lose Track of Time

Epoxy Glass & Metallic Mixed Media on Mirror

1200 x 1200 mm


About this artwork

‘Let’s Lose Track of Time’ draws its inspiration from the captivating beauty of nature, specifically the landscapes of Central Otago. Tucked away in the mountains of Rum Gully, there rests a serene pond whose calm waters reflect the golden tussock and rolling hills that surround it. The pond’s deep sediment preserves this natural vista with remarkable clarity.

The deep moss greens and radiant golden tones found in the landscape are the driving forces behind the colour palette of the painting. Each brushstroke is meticulously layered to convey a sense of tranquillity and fluidity. The layers of liquid glass replicate the reflective clarity of the pond, resulting in a mesmerising visual echo. Mimicking the stillness and transparency of the water, these liquid layers, combined with the mirror, invite viewers into a serene and immersive experience.

‘Let’s Lose Track of Time’ embodies that magical moment when one pauses in awe to appreciate the wonders of nature, transcending the constraints of time. It captures the essence of being fully present in the moment, entranced by the beauty that surrounds us.

Artist bio

Sally Bulling is a contemporary New Zealand artist, creating abstract paintings in sculptural, wall-mounted layers that evoke an infinite energy.

Bulling’s works feature combinations of vibrant and alluring colour with rich golds, channelled into her sculptural forms. Expressive marks are created through movement, sweeping brush strokes, drips, and flicks dance together in playful tension across the surface. Every layer of the work is sensitively considered to engage and delight the viewer.

Bulling utilises mirror as her canvas, her veneers of poured liquid glass preserving the layers of paint, while the shaped edges and painted backs project an aura of light and colour on to the wall behind.

A unique and luminous light and depth is captured through her works, reflecting the viewer’s own gaze and surroundings, offering an immersive sense of interplay between viewer and artwork.

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