Anna Stichbury

Anna Stichbury solo exhibition 2022

Anna Stichbury was born in Wellington in 1974.  She attended Wellington School of Design and graduated with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Textiles.  Still living in Wellington, Stichbury paints full-time from her home studio.

Stichbury’s contemporary mixed-media paintings are bold and feature intense hues and rich surfaces.  Gold leaf has become a regular feature in her work along with ‘actual elements’ such as black sand from our beautiful North Island beaches.

The large scale of Anna’s vibrant semi-abstract seascapes, landscapes and brilliant installations draws the viewer in, emphasising engagement with her true subjects: colour and texture.

Her bold, gestural brushwork skilfully conveys vast swathes of sea and sky.  Areas of luminosity and dripping paint suggest details of place and time as well as highlighting elemental and emotional textures.  Allowing the media its full range of expression returns the viewer to the physical surface through the viscosity of the paint.

Operating in a range of mediums through a delicate balance between gesture and structure, Stichbury’s paintings are joyful, uplifting immersions into the natural world.  Her landscapes offer a gilded interplay of light and water, land and sky.

Stichbury’s whimsical butterfly works are a deviation from these expansive landscape scenes.  Drawn from a nostalgic enchantment with the delicate details of the natural world, the cotton card cut-outs can be arranged together on a display board or installed directly onto a wall in order to interact more organically with their environment.

Stichbury has had solo exhibitions throughout New Zealand and Australia and her work is held in private and corporate collections in New Zealand and as far afield as New York, France and the United Kingdom.

Anna Stichbury has been represented by Parnell Gallery since 1999 and has had numerous successful solo exhibitions here during this time.

From the artist:
“My work is an abstract response to my environment, both external and internal. I strive to create harmony, not only on the canvas, but in life.”

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