Anna Stichbury

Gilded Pepe

Acrylic & Gold Leaf on Varnished Card

1200 x 1200 mm


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About this artwork

A golden collection of New Zealand Pepe (Butterflies and Moths) by Anna Stichbury.

This collection brings together an eclectic grouping of our beautiful and diverse winged fauna. From the small and delicate Pepe Ao Uri (Common Blue) to the large majestic Puriri month, each individually cut creature is lovingly hand painted and embellished. Editions are numbered and are similar but unique. They are created to be hung in a flock or circular shaped grouping. Each specimen although faithfully rendered is slightly larger than it appears in life. The individual butterflies and moths are cut from 100% cotton 670gsm acid free card then painted and sealed. Whist looking delicate and fragile they are in fact very robust, much like the creatures themselves.

This artwork can be hung directly on the wall or on a custom wooden panel. All instructions are included. There is a small collection of extra butterflies supplied should one or two migrate or fly away.

Artist bio

Wellington based artist Anna Stichbury works across a range of media, specialising in contemporary paintings that feature vibrant, intense hues, rich textures, and gestural brushwork. The large scale of Stichbury’s semi-abstract compositions draws the viewer in while allowing the media its full range of expression returns the viewer to the physical surface, inviting and emphasising engagement with her true subjects: colour and texture.

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