Elliot Love


Elliot Love is a contemporary painter living in Auckland, New Zealand.

Notions of nostalgia and a sense of observation are offered and explored as Love depicts familiar cars of the 1980’s and 90’s set within still and quiet streets. Working in both oil and acrylic on canvas, the small and midscale of Love’s compositions draws us in, provoking inspection and an intimate invitation to linger within his finely detailed architectural landscapes. Equal attention is given to light; the humming glow of a street lamp, a glint reflecting off the boot of the car, or shadows brought by dusk. With no other people present, the paintings evoke a feeling we are here alone, in secret observation of stillness and subject, a car belonging to someone else’s life.

Exploring his surroundings to discover these scenes and moments, Love aptly titles his paintings with the make of car, along with where or when he happened across them, further emphasising a sense that we are witness to a marked and captured moment in time.

Love grew up in Dunedin and while he studied painting at high school, he turned his attentions to academic life in the sciences, finishing high school to begin a degree in physical education. However, a visit to Tim Wilson’s gallery in Queenstown inspired Love to return to his easel full time, originally focusing on landscapes set in the natural environment before finding his true interest lay deeply in the environment he was raised in – the urban landscape.

Parnell Gallery has represented Elliot Love since 2021.

Elliot Love artist