Peter Edmonds

Peter Edmonds Great Barrier Island wood carver artist

Peter Edmonds is a contemporary New Zealand artist who has specialised in carving with native timber for over 40 years.

Inspired by nature, Edmonds creates works in wood that reflect the familiar forms found in our native flora and fauna, and those with cultural significance to New Zealand.

Edmonds’ large-scale sets of birds are minimal in design and emphasise a sense of grace and natural movement so true to the species he chooses as his subject. Installed on the wall in groupings of three, in ascending size, the viewer is given the impression the small flock is drawing near, and that artist is paying homage to Beswick of Stoke-on-Trent’s iconic ‘flying ducks’ that graced homes throughout New Zealand at the height of mid-century design.

The artist enjoys a multidisciplinary practice that includes painting, and sources his found and reclaimed timber for carving from the heavily wooded Great Barrier Island, where he has lived and created from his studio and workshop for over four decades.

Parnell Gallery has represented Peter Edmonds since 2020.

Peter Edmonds Great Barrier Island wood carver artist