Ross Jones


Ross Jones graduated from the School of Design in Wellington in the early 90’s and spent the next 15 years working on commissioned paintings for commercial clients in New Zealand and around the world.  He now works on his own projects and his paintings have developed a unique personal style. “After years of experimenting with different mediums and techniques I have arrived at a style that works with my ideas, composition and colour palette”.

Jones paints from a modern apartment looking out over the trees adorning Western Park. “My studio is full of books, old tin toys, lead soldiers, an easel, paints and brushes and anything else that could help with the ‘new painting’ or the next big idea. Sketchbooks are full of new paintings ready to happen but each must wait their turn, some ideas will change in composition or direction and others may be ditched all together.

‘My paintings are all about telling stories, they are a mixture of seemingly perfect places and events, but like all good stories not everything is as it seems. Shadows create just enough intrigue to tip the balance between the serene or sinister scene. There is just enough information in the composition to engage the viewer, from there its up to them to fill in the gaps and create there own story.

Every person has a slightly different take on what’s happening, sometimes the story is simpler than we think, other times a simple scene may hide a complex situation. I still love the line “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.” So as you view Jones’ paintings don’t let your imagination stop you from seeing the big picture. How far the journey takes you is entirely up to you.

Jones built balsa wood airplanes as a kid, a hobby he loved.  All that time spent cutting, crafting gluing and sanding the various parts of the plane and then covering with the delicate tissue. Then with a mixture of anticipation and dread he would launch the plane into the yard, into almost certain danger or worse, total destruction. There was always an inevitable outcome to the process but the chance to see the plane fly, even if for just a few seconds made it all worth while.  The feeling of freedom.

Ross Jones original realist oil painting Line Honours available at Parnell Gallery Auckland New Zealand