Ross Jones

Take me to your leader

Oil on Fine Portrait Linen

950 x 750 mm


About this artwork

“The toy rocket and silhouette of the city’s skyline in the background feel made for each other, and this pairing of the two has a ‘1960’s science fiction’ feel that I’m consistently drawn to. While our low viewpoint of the rocket makes it appear as a towering structure, I wanted to show the true scale of the toy, and so the bumblebee is the perfect subject. This pairing also emphasises the contrast between the man-made and nature, here both subjects are designed for flight. The delicate detail of the bee also adds a softness to the composition.

This particular model of toy is a “Holdraket” (Moon Rocket) toy manufactured by Lemezaru Gyar, Hungary and is a type of ‘Friction Drive Rocket’. When the nose cone hits an obstruction a spring loaded mechanism stands the rocket up on its motors. In addition a door opens, a ladder flaps down and an astronaut is revealed in the doorway. Endless fun for an imaginative young (and not so young) minds!”

– Ross Jones

Artist bio

Ross Jones is a contemporary painter creating works that evoke a heady sense of nostalgia and elevated playfulness.

Working from his studio overlooking the Hauraki Gulf north of Auckland, Jones’ fusion of playful realism incorporates elements of the surreal. Each meticulously devised painting offers hints at various narratives as the artist invites the viewer to engage with his role as storyteller.

I love the phrase “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story,” so as you view my paintings, don’t let your imagination stop you from seeing the bigger picture. How far the journey takes you is entirely up to you.” – Ross Jones

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