Wendy Hannah

Parnell Gallery Auckland Artwork for sale Optic Wendy Hannah

Wendy Hannah is an Auckland based sculptural painter.

Hannah‘s practice is founded on experimental methodology and a keen interest in the scientific properties of paint and colour. Her studio research has led her to working with various forms and experimenting with resin, varnish, acrylic, and industrial additives to create large-scale wall mounted sculptures.

Hannah uses a bright and vibrant palette applied in overlapping triangular patterns on three-dimensional wooden forms which she then coats in liquid glass. It’s this precise layering of colour paired with the high gloss of the liquid glass that creates a sense of luminosity and depth.

Her recent ‘X’ series’ ‘Harlequin’ and ‘Kaleidoscope’, aptly titled for their joyful namesakes, play on symbolism, colour, light, and hue, lending themselves beautifully to contemporary or traditional spaces where they can be wall mounted or placed directly on the floor.

Wendy Hannah has been represented by Parnell gallery since 2019.

Wendy Hannah wall sculpture X art for sale Parnell Gallery NZ