Sara Langdon

2 - 16 May 2023

In her latest body of work, Langdon responds to the gentle and expansive beauty she sees in the coastal terrain and mountainous, volcanic forms around her, and their place within the natural and urban landscape.

Faithfully rendered architectural forms emphasise a sense of allegory around our place beside and within the landscape. Homes and houses are singularly immersed within the trees, draped in numbers around the base of the mountain, or standing to attention, still and stoic, before a vision of land and sea that stretches out before it, timeless.

Langdon works with recognition of the connection we share with these giants within the landscape, and their important presence as navigational landmarks that form our geographical, personal, and nostalgic journeys. Through her meticulous attention to detail, the subtle shifting of light, and a harmonious palette, we’re invited to indulge our own memories and connections to these mountains and outlooks, to let them linger within these graceful dances of shadow and light.