Harmony & Contrast

Tim Jones

Exhibition: 9 - 23 June 2020

In his latest exhibition of paintings, Tim Jones engages with the notion of harmony and contrast.

Jones’ large-scale abstracts are steeped in rhythm and movement.  Construction is free and dynamic, giving power to immediacy. Working in acrylic mixed media, Jones’ bold style blends colour and form in an expressive, purposeful way that invites reflection from the viewer.

While this body of work references theories on colour perception present within Michel-Eugène Chevreul’s seminal 1839 text, ‘The principles of harmony and contrast in colours: and their applications to the arts’, Jones states the title of this exhibition instead refers to the harmony and contrast we observe in every corner of existence. “Life is full of rhythm and movement. Even in chaos, if we observe closely, we find an underlying harmony. There is a balance that exists in all of nature. In these paintings I have combined this idea of harmony and contrast into the narrative. Incorporating the art practice of colour theory and also telling a story of element and emotion.”

Jones endorses the subtle hues found in the natural world and fuses them using flowing organic shapes. The enticing tones and layered surfaces of his striking abstracts guide the eye of the observer while the large scale of the paintings further draws us in.

“The paintings are an open-ended narrative that invites the viewer to join me on a journey of personal exploration. In essence, the work is a springboard from which the viewer can dive and explore with sensibility and individual interpretation.

Some of the artworks could be called energetic, some are tranquil, and others combine both. My aim is for each piece to be an emotional landscape that incites contemplation and curiosity.  This show is an ode to the harmony and contrast, and everything in between.”

NZ artist Tim Jones painting