Catherine Roberts

Empyrean Isles

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas

1000 x 1500 mm



Artist bio

Catherine Roberts engages with form and contrast to create works where rich and vibrant colours preside within abstract utopias exuding a harmonious rhythm.

“My work is the result of an intuitive dialogue, between artist and canvas, with no set intentions, but with a purpose to captivate the viewer, to carry on the conversation.”

Roberts’ abstract works present a series of layered entanglements – symphonic silken billows mingling with potent and smoky wisps of colour offer a sense of alchemy and ethereal rhythm. Naturalistic land forms are translated into surreal, dream-like sequences through the melodious composition of an energetic palette. The result is a sublime scene of naturalistic abstraction, sparked into captivating depth through the application of a high-gloss resin, the artist’s final touch.

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