Catherine Roberts


Born in Manchester, England, in 1976, Catherine Roberts now lives on Wellington’s south coast where she has painted her semi-abstract landscapes for 17 Years.

A self-taught artist, painting for Roberts is an organic process and New Zealand’s natural environment is where she finds her inspiration. Forest and bush scenes are translated into abstractions of surreal hues and landscapes.

Roberts approaches each piece with an acceptance of serendipity, allowing areas of paint to move unhindered, to let colours compose themselves, letting nature take its course.  Finally, the application of a layer of clear resin sees her large-scale works take on unique and stunning qualities, richly deepening every hue while creating a captivating high-gloss finish.

Roberts has exhibited throughout New Zealand and in 2014 was the recipient of the Signature Piece Award at The New Zealand Art Show.

Parnell Gallery has represented Catherine Roberts since 2018.

NZ artist Catherine Roberts abstract landscape painting mixed media on canvas at Parnell Gallery