Robert Scriven


Oil on Board

1070 x 1560 mm



About this artwork

‘Viki’, an enticing and vivid poppy in larger-than-life scale, presents the delicate features of this beloved flower in full bloom.

Exquisitely rendered in oil, Scriven paints each of his blooms on a fine board that he has cut to the shape of the flowerhead, every subtle contour, curve, and gently folded petal so faithfully described, creating a vibrant interplay between painting and sculptural form.

Image Size: 1070 x 1560 mm

Artist bio

Robert Scriven paints large scale single flowers or leaves, exquisitely rendered in fine oil on board. They are unique in that the edges of the works are cut to the shape of the bloom, which plays on the realism of his approach. These are amplified to many times life-size, leaving the artist scope for exploration of his subject in exquisite botanical detail and subtle nuances of vibrant colour. The keen attention to light and texture further captures the delicate translucent qualities of his beautiful subjects.

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